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OK I did cheat 2 nights ago and eat ne slice of pizza and now I have not had any weight loss since. I haven't gained anything but haven't lost anything either. I am getting a little bummed out. I am starting to lose my drive for this. Since I am not seeing any weightloss it's hard to want to do the diet.

I am on day 10 of VLCD.

I am going to wallow in self pity right now!

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  1. Jamit30's Avatar
    HAng in there and be strong. There was a week I went up and then back to where I was during TOM week. It was horrid. I didn't know if I was suppose to move on to P3 or not, but I stuck it out and the scale finally started to drop again. Please, hang in there. You will be so haooy you did.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    I've heard people say after a cheat sometimes a slight gain and stall will happen. Try not to panic, it will start dropping again soon! Hugs.
  3. justjoan060's Avatar
    The diet has VERY LITTLE tolerance for straying from protocol! There is a reason for everything Dr. S says when he created this plan. Most of us stray from plan little now and then, you pay the price and get back on track. That's the reality. Hang in there, and it will pay off! You CAN have pizza again eventually!! This is just very temporary.