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  1. Halfway there!

    Well halfway through my day and no cheats I mean lol. Had some chicken and Brussels sprouts ( I know, rogue, but I love them and they fill me up and only 45 calories for five) and now I'm having a cup of coffee for my sweet craving this afternoon. It feels pretty good to be back on track and blogging again. I think not having online support is one of the reasons I struggled to be successful before. Took the dogs for a walk and cleaned the kitchen. Now I'm applying for grad school (yay!) and waiting ...
  2. VLCD Day 1

    Here we go!

    12/3 VLCD day 1 222.2 (how did I let this happen!?)

    So the goal for the day is no cheats. Not one. I can do this, I've survived three rounds without cheating so I know I can be successful. Just a recommendation for all you newbies, make sure you measure as well. On those days when you only lose .1 or .2, being able to measure your losses will make a huge difference in your confidence and frustration level.

    I have a list of things to do today ...
  3. Let's start this all over again...

    So this will be my third round with HCG sublingual and I was very successful my first three rounds dropping a total of 60lbs for my friend's wedding. I have maintained fairly well up until the last few months and the weight has been jumping back on all over the place. I'm here to nip it in the bud and get back to my weight loss. I'm mad at myself because I went from one more round until my goal weight to now needing at least two as I've put on about 20lbs. (Ugh that's crazy to actually say...) ...
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