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Halfway there!

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Well halfway through my day and no cheats I mean lol. Had some chicken and Brussels sprouts ( I know, rogue, but I love them and they fill me up and only 45 calories for five) and now I'm having a cup of coffee for my sweet craving this afternoon. It feels pretty good to be back on track and blogging again. I think not having online support is one of the reasons I struggled to be successful before. Took the dogs for a walk and cleaned the kitchen. Now I'm applying for grad school (yay!) and waiting for my bf to get home. Hopefully big news coming soon, I have a feeling he'll be proposing any day now! Fingers crossed!

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  1. hellzak's Avatar
    Great job! Are brussels sprouts really cheating though? Are'nt they just baby cabbages sort of?
  2. esor45's Avatar
  3. carrielovesfred's Avatar
    I'm having a hard time finding veggies on this diet that I like. I love brussel sprouts too.