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hmmm....posted last nite but it said there was an error? and - my favorite thread didn't let me post either - but my blog is here this morning?

well - stayed the same this morning - soo would like to be below LDW...no time today - but may plan an egg day for Thursday if I go up at all.

I did add some cheese to my breakfast today - not much - but I am getting soo tired of still having P2 foods - and the same breakfast....hope it doesn't hurt anything!

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    Cheese and eggs sounds REALLY REALLY good to me right now lol. Even though I am still in P2 I might incorporate an egg sometime next week and see how I do The protocol diet gets so BORING!!!

    Being busy can really have an effect on your body and how it deals with stress. Be happy that you didnt gain weight since during these difficult times, cortisol rises resulting in weight gain! Believe me, you are doing SO WELL! I have seen blogs where people are constantly gaining and struggling to get back to that ideal weight. Talk about willpower, you are the queen of it! I don't think I would be able to last so long on P2 foods so claps for you! I worry that your body will become too used to these foods though and have a really hard time adjusting to other foods resulting in rapid weight gain. I think you should add some more but really slowly. But again its whatever you feel most at ease with doing! Good luck!
  2. hsm's Avatar
    Hey Lou! Glad to hear all is well - and believe me - I know how good eggs and cheese sound on P2 - but I have to tell you - I have to MAKE myself eat it! weird - I am trying to do my version of LR - and my BAB is surely hard to get down, even with cheese! It does keep you from getting hungry though. You are right - busy makes it tough - I have a stressful job - worked 15 hours yesterday - another day like that today....just tired!
    You are right about adding in more foods - I have been afraid since I am over LDW - but I added the cheese - going to add something new every other day. Since I was an avid dieter in my pre-hcg life - P2 foods are really a staple - and having beef is really new for me - so it doesn't feel that restricting. I am going to try to find some sugar free mayo - and make deviled eggs! yum!
    well - gotta get to work - have a GREAT day! glad you are doing well - what is your total loss now? and how many days inP2 do you have left??
  3. Loul29's Avatar
    I bet your body will just love having all the good nutrition put back into it! Speaking of eggs, I think I am going to incorporate some even though I'm in p2. The company I got my drops from says it's okay three time a week and I've read on here people have had great success on them. I think I'll try that this weekend. I don't want my body to go into too much of a shock when it hits p3!

    Well...I really can't say what day I'm on with confidence! It's dumb I know haha. In reality I'm on day 21 on the drops bur in my head after the binge days this weekend and gaining all the weight back, I consider myself on day 4 lol. I am not going to weigh myself until day 10 just because I am scared and I want to see a good loss since the weekend! I think I might go for the end of the first week of April. I'll have to see. It depends on the amount of drops I have left, how I feel, and my weight loss. But I'm already so bored with p2.. Blah..... Lol

    Great to hear from you! Have a good day at work! Don't stress!
  4. hsm's Avatar
    hey Lou....sounds like you have a plan - and I am sure that you will be thrilled with your day 10 loss! How much do you want to lose? and yeah, P2 gets old quick - but you can do it - remember eat to live, not live to eat! Hope you had a great day!! mine was long - had a meeting at the golden coral....they had a chocolate fountain...yikes...considered sticking my mouth under it!!!
  5. Loul29's Avatar
    Oh man! Talk about temptation! Happy you didn't give in though as for how much I want to lose, I think I would be happy with 20 pounds. So, 14 more pounds to go! I hope I can lose them in twenty days! I know, it seems like mission impossible but who knows!