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another day at the same weight! again, just amazing! This last 3 days I have been at the lower end of the calorie scale because of work - and really having to spend most of the long days in my car. Today - I am going to add some calories and see if it makes a difference. My addition of cheese earlier in the week didn't seem to. Tomorrow I will add fage...cannot find the full fat, so I am going to add hwc and some cocoa and stevia - sounds like dessert to me!!

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    I am happy that you are stabilizing well I think adding some extra calories is a great idea. I read various blogs about people gaining weight over a period of time on P3 because of not enough calories. Gosh, P3 sounds so hard! I'm scared! I am wondering if this is how it is in P4..can we never enjoy the little things such as a piece of chocolate or whatever without gaining a single pound???! Oh, the agony! I hope that this is all temporary. They do say that P3 can be the most difficult. Right now though, I see it not getting harder than P2. Its agonizing my friend! But on a serious note, you are doing AMAZING. Really. You have so much willpower that I would die to have. Keep it up !!
  2. hsm's Avatar
    oh my Lou - I don't have willpower at all - BUT - I do know myself - and that is key. I know that if I have one bite - I will eat many more - and if I don't have ANY - I will have none...that was a hard thing to learn. I have a group of friends, and of course, we all diet...most of them can measure out 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes - or eat 2 cookies...not me...if I eat 2 - i will eat them all!! it is much better for me to have none! You need to figure out what works for you - and just do it. I have had lots of years to learn me - and I feel for you - because I remember being where you are now...soo wish I had learned at a younger age - as I might not have had the battles I have had. I soo encourage you to figure it out now.....and learn what your triggers are - and know that nothing worth having is easy.
    and btw - P3 has really not been hard - I have not been hungry at all...the hardest part is really the nervousness about doing something wrong....and I have been fine with food - as long as its not in front of me...then, yeah, its hard...but I just keep thinking...I don't wanna go back to a size 16!!!
    You can do this - you have the power within you - you just have to decide to use it!
  3. Loul29's Avatar
    That sounds so much like me. A kind of "all or nothing" phenomenon. That has ultimately brought me to such a bad place in my life regarding my health and body image. I am getting better though! I am glad to hear that P3 isn't as hard as I might have expected and I totally understand the worry part of it all. I guess I'll have to see how I do once I get there. I gotta finish P2 first! :P