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ok - stayed the same today. Didn't count calories yesterday - but breakfast and lunch were exactly the same as the day before - dinner was similar - had grilled chicken and shrimp instead of steak. I added an extra egg and a little more cheese in my salad to make up the calorie difference. Was really hoping to be down again - even if it was only .2....oh well - still only 1lb. over LDW - so I am going to be happy with that - for today anyway!

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    You are oh so close to finishing P3 on such a great note! Keep it up! One more week! YAY
  2. Perseverance's Avatar
    Yes and the idea is to stabalize so don't beat yourself up if you don't lose you are not suppose to you are suppose to stay the same. You are doing great!
  3. hsm's Avatar
    thanks Perserverance - I am trying to tell myself that - ugh - just so would like to be below LDW! but thanks for the words of encouragement! - and Lou - what a great cheerleader you are!