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well - gained 1.5 this morning - which puts me up 2.4 from LDW - could be any number of reasons - TOM showed up - again - its been not quite 2 weeks since he was here ...not sure what that is all about - and that is likely the problem - ate salad dressing yesterday - not much - but it did have sugar on the end of the list of ingredients - and I tried fage last nite - didn't like it - but was afraid Ihadn't had enough protein for the day - so I did eat some - not much - but...yeah...

so its a steak day for me - and honestly - I am looking forward to not having to eat so much....it almost feels like P2 - just hope it works.

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  1. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    I gain close to 2 or 3 lbs when tom shows..it usually has nothing to do with what I ate. then it usuall takes about 2 or 3 days after tom for my weight to return to normal..if you are eating what you normally do and are staying away from sugars and starches you will be fine. Don't fret Tom is a pain but things will go back to normal!
  2. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Also..if it is tom related the steak day is not really necessary..I don't do correction days when I know toms the culprit..your body naturally retains water and such during your cycle and will release it when its over, good luck
  3. hsm's Avatar
    thanks mofro! It my second TOM since I went into P3?? yikes! and I did add fage yesterday - plus had ranch dressing that I didn't make - which I understand is a nono - I went ahead and did the steak day....am hoping that it will help me get closer to my LDW - ugh - I have been hanging out above since I went into P3 - and would so feel better BELOW!

    in any case - thanks for your reply tho - and I appreciate the input - cuz I thought it was steak day -no matter what...wasn't as bad as I thought - it was actually nice not to feel so full all day today - of course - its 8:30 and I am still stuffed - at my steak at 6!