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haven't been able to update in a few days - out of town and BZBZ - had to do a steak day on Friday - and dummy me - listened to my hubby and didn't bring my scale! Have not willingly gone off P3 standards - but have had a few oopsies - ate lunchmeat - didn't realize it has sugar - also had some mustard that was stone ground and yummy - yep - didn't check that either - it had sugar in it...ugh

went to dinner last nite - (trying to keep hcg a secret is a pib!) chose steak - and the mushroom sauce tasted sweet - so I am thinking it also had sugar in it - didn't eat the potatoes - and left out the carrots - had balsamic dressing on my salad....

I know I am probably up this morning - just not sure how far...ugh - not sure if I should just do a steak day on my way home tomorrow or not....ugh.....hate that I am so worried about this...

on another note - I was not tempted at all - didn't want the other food - and I felt like I was eating because I had to - and that it was just food....kind of good news and bad news all at once...

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