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Day 15 - VLCD 13

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1 March, Load 1: 207 lbs
2 March, Load 2: 204 lbs -3lbs
3 March, VLCD 1: 203 lbs -1lbs
4 March, VLCD 2: 203 lbs -0
5 March, VLCD 3: 201 lbs -2
6 March, VLCD 4: 201 lbs -0
7 March, VLCD 5: 201 lbs -0
8 March, VLCD 6: 199.8 lbs -1.2lbs
9 March, VLCD 7: 199.8 lbs -0
10 March, VLCD 8: 198.8 lbs -0
11 March, VLCD 9: 198.8 lbs -0
12 March, VLCD 10: 198.8 lbs -0
13 March, VLCD 11: 198.8 lbs -0
14 March, VLCD 12: 198.8 lbs -0
15 March, VLCD 13: 198.8 lbs -0
16 March , a.m: 198.8 lbs -0

* Nothing significant to mention about inches loss - my jeans fits pretty much the same...tried a few other pants...still fits snugly.
* Cooking very basic - didn't use spices at all - so I guess spices isn't the issue in the first place.
* Did different proteins for lunch and dinner.
* Did one veggie at a time.
* No salt after the first week - anyways I only used a pinch on the first week.

By the looks of it, the weight is gonna stay pretty much the same especially since next week my body will be getting ready for TOM and I guess that will pretty much sum up my weight loss. I was thinking after TOM to do Loading and then back to VLCD to see how it goes - any opinions.

*SERIOUSLY GUYS! EVERYTHING IS AS I SAID -no point of me hiding facts -I would only be cheating myself - afterall, it is a help forum and I need your input especially from those who had the same experience as I am going through now. So please disregard any thoughts that I might have cheated, etc.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    I don't quite understand it. Have you ever been tested for say, a thryroid issue? Looking at your stats, you've lost 7.5 lb (right?) over 14 days, that's an average of .54 a day. Which is what most of us lose over the long haul. Usually it goes faster at first. I don't know. Maybe you are at a setpoint and have weighed this weight for a long time in the past? Just wondering. I've heard of people stalling for 11 days at a time, it's not the norm, but it happens. Do you walk much? Any kind of exercise? Maybe adding that to a daily routine, will step things up a bit. Lot a lot of heavy exercise, just maybe some walking or exercise bicycling? For just 30 min. a day even?