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Little upset

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well ill be on VLCD 16 and only down 11.8 lbs

some say thats good i feel as though it is not

toms here and he may not leave for a few weeks ... im on seasonique tom came a month early

i had a 1 day of no loss then the next day a 2 lb gain, and today again a no loss

ive been following it to a T

anyone can help me here to get some good loses going

R1 P2 VLCD16

11.8lbs gone

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  1. hopdog's Avatar
    I thought steak day could be done in phase 2, so I did one and lost 3lbs next day!!! I also found I lose better on chicken and not on steak. If you like asparagus eat that every night for dinner and acts as a great diuretic before morning weigh in...hope this helps
  2. tryn2getfit's Avatar
    You should go into the forum and post on grammys board and ask her. She gives great advice and seems to have helped many people that were struggling. Good luck!
  3. iHCG's Avatar
    Thank you buys I woke up 2 a good loss now im at 14.4 lbs loss woot !!!