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Starting R2 soon

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ill be starting round 2 next week tom just left so its time to start last round i only lost 14lbs total because tom lasted 3 weeks so this time its like a redo anyone have suggestions on foods to eat that will help my loses better

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    Great job so far! Its been 7 days so far on P2 for me and I find that the evenings that I have tilapia are the ones where I have the best loss the next morning. Do not eat the same protein food on the same day. Some find that eating lean beef on some days helps them lose weight or end a stall. Sodium is a big killer for me so I stay away from canned vegetables and chicken broth and instead eat fresh vegetables and add my own seasonings. Drink lots and lots of water! Wish you the best of luck!
  2. iHCG's Avatar
    thanks alot