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  1. I could have sooo cheated right there, but.....

    I'm glad my feelings got hurt by my stepfather. I told my mother today that I was back on the hcg diet finally. She kinda was mad but I told her it was my decision to get back on. Anyways my parents own a queen size bed and it was my mother my stepfather and my yorkie on it. And I decided I wated to get on it to so we can all watch tv. So it kinda took me a second since I had to make room for myself since I am on the big side. When I finally did get up there huffing and puffing playfully I looked ...
  2. Stuuuupid beef!

    I know it was you who made me lose .6!
    I hate chu!
    Anyways, It looks like I'll be eating just chicken and protocol sea food on this diet.
    I'm not sure if beef is my friend anymore.
    I guess the slow loss was to be expected, because for a while
    before I got back on this diet I was eating boxed Hamburger Helper like crazy!
    I guess it's time to say goodbye to the beef for a while and hello to shrimp! wish it wasn't so expensive! D;
    But i'm ...

    Updated July 15th, 2012 at 12:35 PM by iinkless

  3. So this is a blog? o.O

    This site is just filled with new things. I wonder if it has a pop machine. XD

    I already have a blog, so I don't think i'll be using this one all like this. Maybe this will be my blog for really stressful days, or when I need advice or something or others opinions.

    Well since I am here, today is my first loading day. not really doing so good, not sure if I'm getting my fill. Maybe fried chicken should be next? O.O

    I better start loading soon ...