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VLCD 1 - a new round

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I didn't do quite the right things on my loading days, ate way too much crap, chocolate, ice cream, nuts, fries.... I certainly did load. I dealt with the binge as I have been doing recently.

Today's weight was 84.5, up a kilo or so over the last few days. It could have been worse.

DH had a bad day, a fair bit of hunger, though I don't know how much was mental and how much was actually real hunger. He is going to lower his dose a little tomorrow and see what happens. He is going to struggle a bit with this, between having gout ( which we hear is likely to get worse) and diverticulitis flaring up, I am not convinced he will stick with it, but time will tell.

I had a good enough day, stayed pretty much on track other than eating sugar free lollies. I know I shouldnt have, but they were here, so I ate them. Now there are none left, so tomorrow should be better! LOL

Last time I did a round, I didn't lose after VLCD 1, but I am hopeful that tomorrow will show a loss, even if it is small.

Oh, lots of water today, and a bathroom visit, that should all help!

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