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VLCD 2 - 2014- wow, what a loss!

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The scales showed a lovely loss of 1.8 kilos this morning... That's about 3 and a half pounds and is my best start to a round ever. I'm finding that having DH do this with me is helping mentally as it's a little bit of competition, sort of. Of course, he lost way more than me at 2.9 kilos, but I'm glad because it made him happy and more inclined to stick with it. He still had a bit of hunger today, but it really is hard to tell whether that hunger is real or mental. He is hard to read!
Made my stock last night and had a bowl of th strained meat and veg for dinner tonight. Not strictly protocol with all those mixed veggies but tasty and certainly low cal.
I am sleeping very well, I remember now that HcG seems to affect me that way. I feel fine, just tired. Going to bed early is not a drama though!
Ate my apple today, and planning on strawberries for dessert a bit later.
A good day, which I hope too repeat tomorrow!

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