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  1. Co Q-10 supplements and lotion worked EXCELLENT for Saggy Skin

    I found co q 10 supplements 200 mg a day to help with saggy skin....I also found Nivea skin tightening lotion that has co q10 in it....works great...
  2. B6/B12 injection plus Hcg sublingual drops

    I started my hcg diest @ 267 4 days ao it is now June 6 and I have lost 6.06lbs what I weighed in today...I went to a med clinic today, and received b6 injection and a lipotonix injection. I heard great results with b6 b12 injections. I will give results if any tomorrow. I will also begin working out 30 to 40 mins a day because I don't want to risk flabby skin.
  3. Taking Phentermine 37.5mg and HCG Sublingual Drops

    Since I started HCG 6/8/2011 (after 2 day gorge) I began taking Phentermine 37.5mg with 10 drops 3x daily of HCG Sublingual Drops and may I say it WORKS Wonders for ME, the Phentermine really takes my mind off of the food, even when im home bored and not doing anything but watching television I dont even have the urge to run to the kitchen and binge WHICH IS AMAZING coming from me. The Phentermine and HCG work hand in hand with one another, while Phentermine works as appetite suppressant and takes ...
  4. Losing Pounds (lbs) No Inches


    Im Taking the HCG Sublingual Drops, I started 6 days ago and I have so far lost 13.8 lbs but my waist is still stalled at 49 inches, please help....Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Body Fat Weight


    I recently bought a Con Air Weight Watchers Body Analysis Scale that weighs bone, water, body fat weight, percentage, BMI....And I started the HCG Sublingual Drops 6/8/2011 and as of today 6/13/2011 I have LOST 13.8lbs...My Body fat weight has not changed on scale.....Does anyone know why im not losing body fat weight? Any Suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.