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R2/p2 vlcd 3-4

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R2/P2 VLCD 3-4


Saturday: Lost about 3 pounds from yesterday. Waited so long into the day to eat that my blood sugar dropped and I felt grouchy and had brain fog. In my frustration I ate junk food to deal with the stress. I know I'll pay for it on the scale tomorrow.

Sunday: One pound gained. Made the same mistake today as I did yesterday... waited too long into the day to eat and had blood sugar problems. Lesson: eat earlier when I need it rather than waiting until I'm insane from hunger... maintaining blood sugar is important. Maybe I should try having a little something for breakfast to hold me over until my massive 250 calorie lunch.


Saturday - recovery day

Sunday - 3.1 mile evening run with Jacob and Joseph. Route went back and forth Habersham, up Glen Acre, around Smokerise, down Kerner Rd and back up Abington. High humidity, but fairly comfortable. Used newer shoes again. This time I didn't feel as much stress in my shins... maybe because I ran an easy pace instead of doing speedwork. I enjoyed chatting with my sons on this run.

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  1. rockbottom's Avatar
    I've been out of the loop -- busy with Children's Camp -- and I'm too lazy to research how you've been doing. How's it going? Round 2 giving you fits like it is me? I am not having a good time with this Round.

    Hope that things are going well!
  2. Debegrace's Avatar
    Hi Jake! been wondering about you. good to see you popped in a couple of weeks ago!