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R2/p2 vlcd19

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R2/P2 VLCD19

I'm still doing HCG, but this round has been more challenging than the last one. I started round 2 in mid July but then went on a 2 week vacation. Staying with family around the country made it just about impossible to stick with protocol, so I called it quits during the vacation. I restarted P2 just before the start of August, but we had a week of family visiting us and they wanted to eat out most of the time. Ugh. I stuck with HCG as best I could during that first week, but my weight was fluctuating a lot. Up 4 pounds one day, down 4 the next. Up 3, down 3.

But once our guests went back home everything settled down again and I've been able to maintain protocol pretty smoothly. I've been on R2/P2 for 19 days now and I've lost 15 pounds. I'm satisfied with that - especially since I had such a rocky start. I'm having trouble finding pants that fit me. The entire shape of my body has changed. Sometimes I just stand in front of the mirror looking at myself and not recognizing what I see. This is the thinnest I've been in many years. BUT... I've still got a long way to go. I'm still well above the BMI that I'm comfortable with.

Exercise... running continues to be my favorite activity. I run at least 3 times per week - usually two easy 5K runs and a weekend long run - and a few days of swimming. On Saturday I ran 9 miles. On days that I run I eat more calories than protocol suggests... a lot more. An average long run for me burns around 1,500 calories. If I don't eat extra calories then my body retains everything I eat for the next few days. It has really been difficult to figure out how much I'm supposed to eat in conjuction with my running routine, but I'm continuing to lose pounds so I'm happy and that's all that matters!

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  1. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Wow!!! That's great!! I cut way back at exercise after my first VLCDs b/c I was so weak I thought I would black out. Started back my second week and added an egg in the am those days and got sick two Sundays ago and was sick a whole week. Just started feeling better today so will go back to weight class on Wed and try out the tread mill again Thursday. I had specific routines for different days of the week but totally lost my groove with so few calories. You are doing amazing!!
  2. captncrunch's Avatar
    Your are doing really well considering your tricky week, awesome!
  3. Debegrace's Avatar
    It is awesome to see your body thinning out. Its funny...when I sit down I see much more chair. LOL Your losses have been outstanding! good for you! whatever you are doing is working.