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R2/p2 vlcd2

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R2/P2 VLCD2 Morning Weigh-in: 2.6 pound loss


Breakfast – nothing

Lunch – 150 grams chicken with mustard, homemade salsa, fage

Dinner – 150 grams chicken stir fried with broccoli and cauliflower, topped with salsa

Snacks – 3 sugar free Jolly Ranchers

Fluids: 60 oz water, 40 oz Vitamin Water, 36 oz diet green tea, 12 oz sugar free Red Bull

Total calories: 521


Ran 1.25 mile time trial on treadmill in the morning. New running shoes feel too heavy… seemed to strain muscles along my shins. Felt like shin splints in my left leg.

Ran 7 miles around Salem Lake in the evening with my son, Joseph. Mostly dirt path with lots of hills that ran through the woods along the shore of the lake. Beautiful scenery, storks, squirrels. Used my older pair of running shoes and had no trouble with shin splints. Only fatigue felt was on last 2 miles.

Total steps on pedometer for the day: 22,253

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  1. abbey's Avatar
    Looks like you are rocking the round restart! I'm on a planned interruption myself - I get a bit fed up with stalling and stalling and stalling so I'm having a mental health p3 diet break I'll be back in the fold as of Sunday Aug 7th.