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Vacation Break

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I just got home from a two and half week vacation with my family. I tried to maintain P2 during the trip, but it just wasn't working. We went on a road trip to visit family in Pittsburg, Ohio, Indiana and even Miami, FL. Everyone wanted to feed us and after a few days I decided it was best to just enjoy the trip, accept what I was given to eat and start this round over when I got home. I have no complaints. I ate some great food and had a tons of fun.

Today was day (again) 1 of R2/P2 for me. Calorie consumption for the day was about 500 calories. I ate slices of turkey and roast beef, fat free fage, steamed broccoli, and salsa made from roma tomatoes from my garden. I skipped fruit and starches.

For exercise tonight I ran 5K.

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