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I need to get back on track P4

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I need to get back on track. The end of the school year is close and all the kids are bringing in treats for their summer birthday and I have been eating almost all of them. I am on P4 and usually NOT a sweets person, but it got to me and I have gained!!!! I am over 1.5 my "adjusted". I should do a steak day, but tried this week and was toooooo hungry, so I ordered a cobb salad to be delivered for lunch.

I also have not been eating as much vegetables as my body is used to now and I can tell. I have endometriosis and with eating all those vegetables it had helped. My achy/throbs are back.

I wanted to check in and spill, so I can get back on track with P4.

I am also exercising and have my TOM and feel super bloated (but I don't want to blame it on that).

So, my plan is to start my veggies up again. Say NO to sweets and extra goodies the teachers bring in, drink more water, continue exercising, and next week eat more P2 for my lunches.

Sigh.... thanks for listening. I might even have to do a steak day next week.

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  1. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    I'm a teacher alos, so I understand. Too much temptation. I wouldn't feel so bad if I was in P4, but I'm still in P3.

    As for the steak day, I think it might be more of a mental thing. I did an FFF day on Tuesday and I noticed that I truly wasn't hungry. I rpobably could have made it without food till dinner time. Some people on the blog have mentioned that they eat their steaks at 4pm. Maybe you can try this and it wont be so bad. Also, they recommend lots of water and green tea to help with the hunger pains.
  2. Jamit30's Avatar
    What's an FFF day? No more treats for me. We have 1 more week. I have done a steak day in P4 and it worked, but I was so hungry. It could have been because TOM? Not sure. It's nice to hear froma teacher. ) Happy end of the year!
  3. Ronnijay's Avatar
    Concerning the sweets (I also work at a school)... I always choose: one lick of cupcake frosting, or one small bite of the cupcake. Never both, and the rest goes in the trash. This was when I was doing an all whole grains/no white flour or sugar method... don't deprive yourself, but do control yourself! Think about your trip to the pool or the beach and hang in there!!!