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Trying to Get it Right

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So, I have decided, basically at the spur of the moment...that I am doing another round of hcg. I did my first round back in Novemeber of 2010 and after 3 rounds lost 67 lbs. I did so well maintaining and working out but as of Christmastime my eating has gone to hell and I have gained 15 lbs. At least, last time I checked it was around 15, I am actually scared to get on the scale.

It is crazy how fast you can go back to old, detrimental eating habits. The smartest thing I did was to get rid of clothes as they got too big so now I am squeezing myself into clothes with nowhere to go. I can't face going shopping for larger sizes.

It sucks that I can't seem to eat like a normal person but I guess I just have to learn to deal with it and eat what I know will be the best way for me...and that really seems to be mostly P3.

I am looking forward to shedding this weight and fitting comfortably into my clothes and maybe getting even a little smaller than that.

Tomorrow is my last loading day and i start my prescription injections on Wednesday! Will keep you posted!

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