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I have done HCG before, and I know this crazy progress will eventually slow somewhat. I am trying to enjoy it while I can!

Judging by my weigh in this morning, I should get to the 1 lb. a day mark soon. My BF% on the scale is relatively useless, aside from being a good indicator of how hydrated I am and what my bathroom habits are like. But the BF% (after being low for me) has been going up steadily.

I am still blown away though. Four days VLCD: - 8.5 lbs. Another 2.5 today. I don't care if it is mostly water loss, I will take it! I looked in the mirror this morning, and can see the line where my tummy bulges flattening out. Wow! I guess I need to move some marbles from the "Lbs to Lose Jar" to the "Lbs DESTROYED" jar!

Yesterday's meals: Lots of tea, Lunch: chicken with radishes and 1/2 grapefruit, Dinner: bison burger with cucumber and an apple. Feeling great!

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