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What day is it?

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Wow. I made it!

I haven't weighed in yet. I had the best of intentions, but let me tell you, in Thailand, everything is served with rice or rice noodles, or has sugar in it. Unless you're drinking water, every drink is pre-sweetened with a heavy hand.

The odd thing is, I can look in the mirror, and pretty well think I look about the same. And my clothing is still loose! It actually turned out to be a good thing that I brought loose clothing to Thailand: the heat and humidity were both epic, and after 16 hours on a plane, I arrived with massively swollen legs and ankles, as well as my abdomen, arms, and face. Ugh!! Luckily I brought two pairs of shoes, because only one pair fit. I finally "deflated" once I got a Thai massage, and I think those ladies literally pummeled the water I was retaining out of me. I was much more careful on the way back: no alcohol, watching my salt, and just drinking water and coffee. It seems to have paid off: just a little puffiness, although it will take me awhile to get back on California time.

It was a fantastic trip: but oh, it is so good to be home! We are going to Carmel-By-The-Sea for Father's Day, and after that, I think I am going to try cycling. I have a friend who wants to do hcg do, so it will be wonderful to have a buddy: I am excited for the next round!!! The best part of this trip was that I won't have to heavily retouch my vacation pictures. (I will post some soon!) I am still not thrilled about my upper arms, but having less acne, an actual waist to work with, and a slimmer face have all made things a lot easier. Thanks, hcg! My new avatar pic was actually taken the day after we landed in Bangkok- the scrumptious purple orchids were waiting for us in our room.

Enjoy your weekend, and have a Happy Father's Day!!!

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