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Two days down!

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I am lucky to be doing this along with a friend this round. she's using homeopathic drops, I am Sub-Q-ing it. After several years of trying to do this the so-called "healthy" way, I have to conclude that this is the only thing that works for me.

I weighed in Tuesday morning to see 3 lbs. had flown the coop. Another three this morning.

Since I have done Whole 30's and not had results like this all month, I am flabbergasted. Granted, 2 lbs. of that is loading weight. But I can only hope that I will continue on down this path.

My only detour from protocol: subbing light coconut milk for the 1 t. regular milk. I did it both yesterday and the day before (skipped today) and I honestly don't think it made a difference in my losses. Especially since I am already forgoing the melba/grissini part of the diet, due to gluten intolerance, I figured dairy intolerance should also be addressed. Cals are pretty similar, and it's not high in fat, only two ingredients, coconut milk and water.

Met up with my fellow HCG-er friend today for tea at Starbucks, and decided (after talking forever) to get her some Natural Calm. So we hit up Vitamin Shoppe, and I picked up some B-12 dots and some Vit. D ones too. Typically, I would use drops, but they all contained glycerine, and I am still not sure if that is POP or not.

I can already see a difference in my face and my hands- they are both skinnier, and my stomach is deflating fast. It's a little eerie. I also had a weird experience where a guy driving a passenger van pulled up beside the car today, and tried to flag us down and flirt through the window. I was with my friend, who said, "Do you know that guy?" And I made the fatal mistake of making eye contact. My friend seemed bemused by it: she says this never happens to her. I told her not to take it personally- typically it's not attractive men who did this (this time was no exception) and that it rarely happened to me anymore. She retorted that I am always with my husband. Fair enough.

I am NOT letting this freak me out. Grrrrrrrr!

On the home reclamation front, gt the remaining curtain hardware I need to cover the horrible slat blinds. And a round rug for the entryway that matches the one in the den. Tomorrow is the day I mow the lawn (woo woo!) I should be a pro-gardener by the time DH comes back.

I did have a lovely chat with my hubby this afternoon: he has been gone a week and a half so far. Luckily we are both pretty independent, but we miss each other so much. Six months of this are looking bleaker and bleaker. Although, I am glad to have the time to get a couple HCG rounds done and get the house together. Pros and cons!

Luckily, he might be able to get home for the holidays, and there is a chance that when I visit during his week-long break, we can head over to New Orleans! I have always wanted to visit there! What a wonderful and unexpected bonus. He sounds so motivated and engaged with his classes. I can only hope I feel the same way when it is my turn.

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