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Surviving Loading

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Oh man.

I've eaten Paleo for the last 4 years- I seem to be the only oddball who can't drop weight on it, so hcg is kind of a last resort for me. It really worked well the last time around, but I went on vacation and never stabilized. So the goal this time is to do it right!

I haven't eaten in a way I would classify as overeating since...well, forever. Probably the last time I did this. And woah, I remember listening to people talking (always slim people) about how hard it was to eat more. And enviously listening to them, because I was always, ALWAYS hungry. Taking gluten and junk food out of the equation is the only thing that works like that for me. So gluten-free loading has been an eye opener. I usually avoid baked goods, but bought gf Maple doughnuts specifically for this. That was breakfast yesterday. Nachos for lunch, and dinner was homemade pizza. And I had coconut milk ice cream for dessert. By the time I went to bed, I felt SO awful. Like I was going to pop, along with pretty nasty GI issues. I am pretty sure it was all the sugar in those doughnuts. But oh man: I feel really slow and sluggish.

This morning I am up 2 lbs.

I am doing my best to keep it up today- more pizza for breakfast and lunch today- since I have to finish it before the food plan starts tomorrow! And I managed to eat the rest of the pint of ice cream. But Mom and Dad just asked if I wanted to go out to dinner, so this will be quite the last hurrah. I am thinking the extra sugar and starch is freaking my body out. At this point, I am looking forward to Day 3.

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