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Week 1 down!

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I have been doing fairly well, and then had a major lapse last night- I was super lethargic all day, and really hungry. I ate an extra protein portion, and then- coconut milk ice cream. It was like I was possessed! I don't think it was hunger either, per-se. TOM is coming, and that's my guess.

I lucked out: still had a loss today, but it was small: 0.4 lbs. Which makes my total loss for week 1- ta daa! 12.6 lbs (including loading weight). I only gained 2 lbs. loading, so that's still above 10. I will take it.

Not bad! And I took measurements, which I am so happy about. Those are pretty good too. I am two inches down in my waist and bust, 1.5 inches down in my chest, 1 in. down in my hips and each thigh, 0.75 in. down in my biceps and calves, and 0.5 inches off my neck and stomach. That's....12.5 inches, if I x2 for the measurements on things I have 2 of. Wow!!!

Just took my shot, and am ready for another spectacular week! I need to hit Costco to pick up more bison.

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  1. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    12.6 lbs in a week is awesome! We all (well many of us) end up with a cheat at some point. Happy to hear you still had a small loss. Get back on track and watch those losses continue! I am just getting back into a new round myself. I will catch up on your other blog posts.
  2. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    dup post