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Load Day 1-- Here we go!

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Today was my first load day. I will probably do 3 before the bottom drops out. I started the day at 198.8 this morning. I had a collagen coffee and a large bowl of oatmeal with raisins for breakfast, some deviled eggs, an apple, and bbq chicken with broccoli and a large sweet potato with butter for dinner. Just over 2000 calories today. It doesn't seem much different from a normal day, other than an extra couple hundred calories. I have been actively trying to make sure I'm getting in at least 25-30 mins of exercise every day, including 10K steps. I wasn't feeling super today, so I logged 26 exercise mins, but I only got 2/3 my steps in today. I focused more on resting, meal planning, and meditation. I'm curious to see how this round differs from past rounds with the addition of LDN and hormone therapy going on at the same time. Tomorrow, I step up from 3mg of LDN to 4.5. I hope it is uneventful, or, eventful in a good way! I already use a smart scale and keep a food diary that tracks macros, both of which transfer my data so it can be tracked over time in apple health, along with my fitness apps. But I've never done a journal before, so blogging this here is new. I want to try it this time to see if other insights come out over the course of the next several weeks.

I tend to go a little bit rogue, staying closer to 700 calories so that I can have collagen protein in the morning in my coffee, mixing veggies, and adding in other low glycemic fruits/veggies that don't seem to affect my losses, like green beans or blueberries. I will likely continue to do it that way, since it has worked previously, unless something changes and I have to go back to super duper strict. I have cut way back on my caffeine long before this round so that I will hopefully rest better and help support my body's recovery systems. I'm also keeping an eye on my nutrients so that I can supplement on days where my food intake isn't meeting my dietary needs. I want this to go as well and as smoothly as possible. I'm doing homeopathic drops again this time, and I hope they work as well as they have in years' past.

It feels especially important to get this right this time. I don't know if it's bc my health has been in the dumps the past couple of years, and feeling desperate to get well before anything much worse comes along. Or maybe it's agonizingly watching my parents as they both struggle and deteriorate healthwise. I don't want to go there. And I don't want that for my kids. I'm 50 years old. I'd like to do things differently going forward and really make the rest of my time on this planet--however much time that is-- count. So that is where I am mentally as I close out day one. Hopeful, but pensive.

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