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P2D21: It has been quite a ride this time!

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It's day 21 and I am down .6 today. 191.4. 8lbs down so far. It's been such a weird round, especially with the hormone mess and an 8 day period in the middle. It's like I switched my middle weeks with the last week and a half of the month. I've finally started picking back up, so I hope that means this week will be a good one. I am supposed to up the progesterone again tonight for the next 15 days, so I don't know how that will affect things. I really hope it doesn't. Or, if it does, it helps with the losses rather than hinders.

I've moved my rebounding to the mornings, and I can definitely tell it makes a difference. Doing it too late in the day means retaining more fluid/more swelling in the morning, and I can't have that. I have also been trying to do more liver supports this time, and bi-weekly footbaths to keep things moved out. Finally, tracking macros means I'm supplementing where I need to so that my vitamins and minerals also stay on target, which I think helps me stay healthy overall.

I'm gonna try and stick it out at least the next 15 days or so-- til my period starts or when my drops run out, just to try and maximize the time. After that, I'm looking forward to both adding fats back in, and adding in more strengthening/toning exercises that just require too much energy to do while I'm in P2. I think that is where I will see the most changes.

Perimenopause has brought abdominal fat I've never had before. And my visceral fat had gotten to an unhealthy level. As of this morning, I finally had a drop from 12-11, which puts me squarely back into a healthy range. I'd like to see it even lower by the time I'm done. For the most part, my muscle percentage has gained a hair and stayed mostly stable. Same goes for bone mass. My fat percentage has gone down 3% since I started tracking in Jan. Slowly but surely, it's all headed where it needs to be. I just have to stay the course.

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