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VLCD3- let the emotions come forth UGH

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Down .7 this morning. 196.6. I didn't sleep well last night, and my mood has turned weepy. I'm happy to let go of all the water weight hanging around, but I'd just as soon not have it coming out my eyes! It would be one thing if I knew what I was specifically sad about today and could work through it and let it go, but there is so much going on in my life these days that it has become a nebulous pile.

I'm in mourning-- I know I am-- but I'm not sure how to come to terms with all the losses these past few years. I've been trying so hard to shift my perspective around so I can see the blessings in everything rather than just the losses, but it's hard when every day is nose to the grindstone, and when all the work I've invested seems like it's for nothing. I haven't even gotten to the anger. I know it's in there, too.

This is going to be the hardest part about the diet this time, and the thing that I think will determine success or failure for me at it. So much to work through and let go of, and I just don't know how.

Did a little bit of rebounding this morning, hoping to move it all through a little faster. Still need to to my parents' and feed the animals/gather the eggs. Not sure if I will make 10K steps today. Not feeling like doing much today beyond hiding under the covers.

Had my collagen coffee today, an apple, 2 hb eggs, an orange, 4oz of lean steak, some broccoli, and tomato/cucumber salad. Hopefully tomorrow will still be a down on the scale day, but an up on my mood. I really hope so.

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  1. doover's Avatar
    Heya @JennyV - without details, I can feel a sense of relation to what you are feeling (even if not exactly what you are going through). I am back here after just over a decade of being... well.... dealing with just so much. I am now a Perspective Coach... lmk if you ever want/need a different point of view. I have also written a book, but it is a very specific type of self-discovery method, mostly done through reflection and journaling. I see we started our rounds within a few days of each other...

  2. kundewayne's Avatar
    when you might benefit from hearing an other viewpoint. Additionally, I have authored a book on a certain approach to self-discovery, which mostly involves journaling and reflective thinking. It seemed that we began our rounds very soon after each other... basketball stars