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Down .5 and I have officially lost 30 pounds . I was going to try to make it to 40 days but decided to cut it short. Maybe because I'm using the homopathic drops, but the HCG seems to be losing it's effectiveness. The hunger is starting to come back; I feel I am losing some muscle mass with the weight loss and my energy level is dragging. So cutting two days short I don't think is a big issue. I stopped taking the drops last night. I plan to switch over to P3 after the two day period to clear the HCG from my system. My guess is that it might even clear faster than two days. Now I need to get my plan together for P3. The new selection of food is going to be nice, but I'm really looking forward to getting my energy levels back.

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  1. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Congratulations! 30lbs is awesome! Good for you for making it so long! Enjoy phase 3!
  2. julief's Avatar
    Grats!!! Hope P3 goes well for you!
  3. Grammie50's Avatar
    Definitely listen to your body! 30 pounds is a great loss for P2. Just go slow in P3 and you will do great. I really liked P3, I stayed on P3 for 5 weeks and only did P4 for a week. I knew that I had several rounds left and I was enjoying the foods on P3, I really didn't miss the carbs like I thought I would.

    Good luck!