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lost .8 and back to LDW. Today is my offical first day of Phase 3, but I actually start doing some P3 yesterday evening. I feel so much better, energy level is way up and the back pain I was feeling the last week of VLCD is almost gone. I had some plain greek yogurt last night and couldn't believe how great it tasted. I definately have a new appreciation for items that I use to take for granted. This morning I had a fried egg in coconut oil and a half a glass of whole milk. I will need to start tracking my food intake. Under P2 I did for the first week, but after that pretty much knew how much and what I could have so I stopped tracking.

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  1. Vineeta's Avatar
    Enjoy P3. I'm definitely starting to track food. Don't trust that I won't be under or over calorie range grazing on P3. Found it hard to know how much protein and how much food. It seems like an awful lot compared to P2.
  2. Forgiven's Avatar
    Good for you! Have a great day today. I'll be joining you tomorrow in P3-land. I see that you ate eggs and milk-type dairy on the same day. I want to do this too, but so many people advise against it. Let us know how you make out because I may just have to go against the grain and eat eggs and dairy on my day one as well...

    Oh, and I need to track my food too. Carolin posted a link to her fatsecret account and that site looks pretty cool. Only wish I had started using it when I started my HCG journey...But it looks like you put in what you eat and it calculates calories, protiens, fats, carbs, etc for you. Looks really cool. fatsecret.com

  3. jerbear's Avatar
    Angie, Thanks for the encouragement. I'm using sparkpeople.com to do my tracking. I used them before with my failed dieting so I already had an account setup. It's free and they seem to have a large selection in their database. If it's not in their database they have an option to set it up and they let you share that entry with other users. It also tracks all the calories, proteins fats and carbs. Good luck with your P3; most people including myself really like it!