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Phase 4

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It's been a while so I thought I would post an update on how's things are going. I struggled in P3 but stabalized around 5 lbs up from my lowest weight. That still leaves me down 25lbs which I'm pretty happy about. I recently went on vacation and my diet was pretty crappying during that time. The last half of the week I ate really bad. As no supprise I was up over 7 lbs from my stabalization weight. I was able to lose back to my stabalization weight in about a week by just using Intermittent Fasting. I have actually been using Intermittent Fasting with some success. Their's many variations but what I have been doing is just limiting my intake to a 6 hours window everyday. I don't track my calories, but eat till full and try to keep things on the lower carb side.
I am planning on doing another short round next month to try to get down to 15% BF which I believe should be another 10-15 lbs loss. This month I'm supporting my wife who is doing her first round. I'll probably post some updates on how things are going for her since I don't think she going to be hanging out the site.

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