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Day 5- continued

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I am a little nervous about tonight...my one friend coming over to hang out and watch a movie has turned into 4 friends coming over and they wanna do mexican! UGH>...they also will bring wine etc.....I just don't wanna blow this...they don't know I am doing this, given my LONG history of eating disorders, and food addictions it is just better to keep quiet about it....maybe I am taking the cowardly approach but thats my choice right now...when I am looking all smoking hot and they notice the changes then I can tell them right? So....fajita quesidillas and cheese dips and bottles of chilled wine aren't going to break me..... least I am going to be in my own home so I can retreat if need be and sneak a different food choice from my own kitchen if I must eat with them.

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  1. greenthumb86's Avatar
    Good luck! Try sparkling water instead of wine, as a start, and know our best goes with you.
  2. Glinda's Avatar
    Be strong!
  3. curvygirl63's Avatar
    If fajitas are on the menu - have some grilled chicken with grilled veggies. You don't need to eat the rice or beans and not the tortilla.

    Are they bringing it over or cooking at your place? You might want to grill your own veggies and chicken or steak and just have your oown food since you will be at home.
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    The fajitas should be good! I also order club w lime when I Go out. Makes me feel like I have a drink!
    You will do fine. I agree w keeping this to yourself. I am going to wait until someone asks me which could be a while since I go up and down so much! hehehe
    Have fun!
  5. csl28's Avatar
    I understand! Hang in there - it will be worth it in the morning!!!!