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Day 8....hanging my head in shame...

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This weekend I blew it....I drank wine, had beer, food that was a no no....I did take my drops and I just had so much socially going on that I caved. I got back on it seriously yesterday....and the scales told on my errors for sure, I was too afraid to even weigh yesterday, frozen in panic and remorse....it was a bad day. Today the scales showed 209.5. I deserved the gain. It wasn't as bad as I expected, so brand new determination....I am one ashamed girl, but not going to let it break my stride, you only live once, guilt is no way to live, and today is the start of a brand new day. (

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Updated November 14th, 2011 at 08:58 AM by jeslholmes



  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jes, I am sorry! Glad you are back on track. I read a lot of info on the hypothalmus reset and how that works. It is very interesting and I am finding lots of articles on the internet about it. With all the dieting I have done my whole life, you would think I would have read about this. I have noticed the effects of it --- big time --- just didnt know that was happenning.

    Anyway, there is info on here about how the Hypothalmus resets itself and allows you to eat more after HCg and maintain the weight loss bc of the reset. There is also info that says if you go off plan you can stop that action from happenning. So it is a good motivator. I have seen posts from members asking (eseentially) how often they can cheat before they negate this action - hehehe. Of course, no one would know that.

    Glad you are back on track and know you are going to have a great week. My loss has slowed to a crawl but that is expected in wk 2! Hope to see some progress this week!

    Take care!
  2. MickiG's Avatar
    Girl, you are doing great. Please don't beat yourself up about it. You are back on track and that is what counts.
    You will be back down and more very soon!