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Today the scales were down 2lbs...a solid 2 lbs. I am thrilled. I even had a coffee drink (sugar free but it did have a lil fat in it from the half and half last night because I completely needed it to muster enough will and strength to go to my therapy session. Did I mention I am in counseling? Yep....thats what 20 years in a "not so great " relationship will get you. Needless to say there are layers and layers of things to break through which I affectionally refer to my sessions as weekly brain surgery. Its grueling...and warrants at least one migraine pill during each session...sometimes 2! don't think this is cruel and unusual punishment.....my counselor is the kindest sweetest most gentle person I know.
Ok off the rabbit trail. Its the weekend...and I flubbed out last weekend and I am not doing that again this weekend. Nope. It simply isn't worth it and besides, thanksgiving is coming and I am eating real food in moderation....plan on tasting a little of my favorites but stearing closer to the low carb stuff...I am even making "fake taters" with cauliflower, a small dish for me....What are your thanksgiving plans? How will you eat? What is your strategy I need your input please. Hugs to all.

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  1. JerseyGirl11475's Avatar
    Thats great you lost 2lbs good for you. I really miss my coffee in the morning with half and half so i switched to tea. Do you think its ok to use a little half and half in my coffee? Or do you think I will gain the weight back? I think for Thanksgiving I'm going to eat but like you stay to close to the low carbs. and no pies even though it will be tempting. Good luck this Thursday.
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    WOW. 2 lbs is fantastic! Yeah for you. Just do the protocol and it works... Very comforting.

    I went to therapy too after going thru a divorce after 27 years of marriage...very demoralizing! But I am a firm believer that it is better to be out of a relationship that doesn't meet your needs and support your goals. Hope you are finding your way. I started reading a lot of Deepak Chopra books and finally found a peaceful place.

    For Thanksgiving, I am taking my food
    Asparagus soup
    Sliced chicken so at least it looks like turkey.
    Cocoa crack for dessert
    And a chocolate protein shake ... just in case
    I am so afraid of going off plan and not finding my way back or messing up the reset process. I do better w little deviation.

    Are you cooking? Tell!

    I did promise to make an ice cream cake for dessert. Hope I remember that I can't lick my fingers when I take it out of the mold.
    Updated November 18th, 2011 at 03:15 PM by Newjulie
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    Are we allowed to have cauliflower? Maybe I'll make fake mashed potatoes,too.
    I think I also read that cooked radishes taste like potatoes. I bought some. Hope that's true! Never had them, have you?
  4. MickiG's Avatar
    Glad that you saw some movement on the scale, Jes. Sure does help with the willpower when you see results!
    Nothing wrong with brain surgery! I like your sense of humor.
    Thanksgiving -- I plan to eat a little bit of what i love most. It includes carbs though. I will feel guilty. Probably sick. And I know I will pay for it.
    I don't if I should take the drops or not. I am going right back to protocol next day and continue on with p2.

    Happy Weekend!