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Vlcd 9

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Hello all...work is CRAZY busy and I am not running for the Godiva drawer! I gotta speak to my reps about lavishing us with such although my employees will stroke out without the Godiva drawer!
Today the weight didn't send me into a crying fit in the floor...it pleased me actually 207.5 woohoo!
food stuff for yesterday.....
coffee w/ splenda & sf hazelnut creamer (2 tbs)
lunch- tuna in water drained 1 can, and half of a tomato
dinner- 3oz pork chop grilled and a green salad

my meals today are
coffee with splenda and sf hazelnut (one single from gas station)
lunch- steamed brocolli and grilled chicken breast
dinner- grean beans (french cut) and other half of grilled chicken breast.

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  1. MickiG's Avatar
    Yummmmmm......pork chop! I may have to resort to that, this fish and chicken getting old!

    congrats on the 2 lbs Jes....awesome! Back to it now, huh?
  2. jeslholmes's Avatar
    Pork chops are NOT on protocol. I just was in a pinch, they were the thin little pork chop cutlets.... I am back to it...why does 200 feel so far away? I can't even allow myself to think of goal weight...guess its feeling overwhelming today, need to focus on small losses and NO more cheating so I can get this 200 lb thing behind me once and for all.
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    Yeah Jes! you're doing great --- although pork chop ----- hmmmm what list is that on?
    You know what I miss the most? EVOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how horrible everything tastes without my olive oil or Pam spray. Really I am committed and not even tempted to eat more bc nothing tastes good!

    Step away from the Godiva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how that feels though! I work in malls so I am constantly surrounded by Auntie Annes, Nathans, Cinnabon - all that happy stuff. I dont have any bc if I started, I would never stop.

    Really you are doing great! Onederland is right around the corner for you!
  4. MickiG's Avatar
    Oh my Gosh!! Did you say Auntie Annes?? How I love it!

    Jes, here to check in on you girl.... how are you doing? I hope you are having a great day