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Got on the scale this morning to discover another pound gone- now 197! I'm really hoping to get down to 190 or less by the end of this round, giving me an even 40 lbs to lose on R2...had cold curried chicken salad for lunch- it includes chicken, celery and an apple and WOW- that was a lot of food! Obviously the apple counted as my afternoon fruit...wasn't even hungry for it! Had meatballs and marinara for dinner and an orange for dessert. Got more than the usual amount of water in as well and ended the day with a detox bath...this round is swiftly drawing to a close- I start P3 next Wednesday, the 27th, so spent a good chunk of the day researching and beginning to plan the first couple of weeks of P3 and found out that there are tons of awesome recipes on the forum for P3 as well! Yay! I am determined to enter each Phase as prepared as I can possibly be- I'm counting every calorie and watching the percentages of fat, carbs and protein, as well as the overall calorie count...there is a lot to keep up with! It'll be easier once I get several different meals measured and saved. Well, I'm for bed!

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