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Still at 197 today, which is fine- I've been losing steadily every day for the last few days, so it's no biggie. Had roast with sauteed onions for lunch, my good old afternoon orange, chicken and spinach for dinner and finished it off with a big Golden Delicious apple. Drank more than the usual amount of water, which will hopefully help the weight move on out! To be honest, I find myself getting a little *****ier when I look at my food. Nothing too bad and still no real temptation to cheat or anything, but even with all my choices, I'm tired of P2. There, I said it! I'm getting tired of P2!! LOL!! Luckily, I start P3 next Wednesday, which is a week from tomorrow. In one week, I will have eaten my final P2 meal. That helps a lot! Really getting into the planning of my P3 meals, as well as the shopping list....will be lasering anything that looks at me crosseyed and I need to find a good multi-enzyme supplement to go along with my probiotics and L-Carntine, since I heard the three of them really help the stabilization process......

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  1. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Your almost there! I'm starting to rethink a 40 day cycle. That's an awful long time to eat like this :/. 35lbs less in a bathing suit this summer sounds really good though!
  2. Jessaluna's Avatar
    I'll be doing a long Round next time, I just have some specialized eating requirements for 13 days in mid-late June, so I had to change this Round into a short one....and yes, 35 pounds less sounds fantastic!