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197 YET AGAIN this morning! Booo!!!! I've been having a bit of hunger during this stall, so I altered my dose a bit today and the hunger left. Hopefully there'll be a nice loss waiting for me in the morning. Had more of the cold curried chicken salad with celery and apple for lunch, pot roast and salad for dinner and an orange for dessert. Drank plenty of liquid, between all the water, coffee and tea I guzzled down today! On another note, I finished a gigantic project today, one I've been working on since before Christmas...think of it as a kind of thesis or dissertation...it ended up being 121 pages long and I still can't believe it's FINALLY done!!! Know what would make me feel even better? A GOOD LOSS IN THE MORNING!!! LOL

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  1. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Got my fingers crossed for u!