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Still 195 today, my last day of drops...had three egg whites and one yolk for brunch- hard fried in a bit of water and seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder and seasoning salt and topped with Tabasco....NOM! Had an apple a little later on and then went to my mom's for a day of hard-core gardening....a little over 4 hours later, I was back home for a dinner of chicken and spinach and an apple for dessert. Hope the manual labor gives me the assist needed in banishing that 20th pound by tomorrow morning, since that's when I set my LDW. Regardless, I've dropped 2 pants sizes in a little over three weeks, which is just ridiculously amazing! SO very ready for the mental break of P3....plan on the next Round beginning in late June, with all the extra weight banished by Halloween. This truly has been a life changing experience...

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