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Phase 2 VLDC 5 Expected Gain

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Day 5 – 169.0 (+.8)
This gain is no surprise to me. I have been taking a higher dose of HCG and was so hungry I couldn’t help myself. Honestly, that kind of hunger is crazy. I feel like I would have died if I didn't eat anything!

Thankfully, I cheated with healthy foods, like extra helping of chicken and veggies. I skipped my shot this morning and will resume the shots tomorrow. I can’t wait to get this rolling again. The 150’s is in sight and I am so excited to get there. The only thing that would make this process better is to have a buddy to do this with me! lol

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  1. design2host's Avatar
    Good Luck Jessrand. Could you tell us which drops / shots you are using and how much you have lost in total. Great work and keep it going
  2. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Great Job!! You will feel better soon.. keep posting.. find a thread ( this is a blog). You will be amazed at how many others are going through what you are-- and the support is truly amazing! Hope to see you writing in the threads... I can suggest trying to find a thread that says something like:
    P2- starting in mid september
  3. jessrand's Avatar
    Design, I am using the HCG Injections for NuImage. I WAS using 200 but I am going to start off with 125 tomorrow since I skipped today. My starting weight was 171.2 and I gained about 4 pounds on the load. I have lost about three more pounds. So total of 7.2 including load weight. I am new to this, so I am not sure how to word all that

    Thanks, Kapluzie! I looked for one, didn't find one.. Maybe I'll start one.
  4. kapluzie123's Avatar
    there is a thread called --- middle September starting--- it's located in phase 2--- if you click on "what's new" above- you should find some posts and then click on see more.... it will bring you to the thread.
  5. kapluzie123's Avatar
    also- September 2015 losers
  6. Dragonrider's Avatar
    Having a very hard time. I just started and thought loaded up very well...I gained 5 lbs!! I am taking the drops which are 10 drops 3x daily. I am really hungry right now! I am trying to really focus on just getting through this day....
  7. jessrand's Avatar
    I was really hungry too...! But I have messed with my dosage (injection) and have been so much better. Don't give up on it! I am not sure how to tweak the drops... Ask Grammy on the forum.. She will help you.