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R1P2 Blogging for Sanity

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Phase 1 (9/12/15) – 171.2

It was very hard for me to load. This is partly because I was already at a weight I was ashamed of (171.2). I didn’t want to gain any more. The fatty in me was excited to load on pure crap regardless of the suggestion to load “clean”.
I decided to do the injections this time around. The first time I tried HCG, I used the homeopathic kind. I tried it for 21 days and, if I remember correctly, I lost about 20 pounds. Phase three was a joke to me and I didn’t even do it right. This time I am ready. I want to do it right.
One thing I will say about the injections. I was soooooo scared at first. I sat there with the needle in my hand thinking, “What the HECK am I doing?”. I finally did it and it was very easy and there was zero pain. The next few days, I was injecting my self like a pro.
I gained a total of 4.2 pounds on Phase 1…Makes me ill to think about it. Let’s hope I lose those extra pounds QUICK.

Phase 2 (9/14/15) – 175.4

Day 1 – 175.4. I feel so gross. Drinking water will be a priority for me.. I have been getting headaches and I am almost certain it is because I didn’t hydrate properly in my loading phase.

Day 2- 171.8 (-3.6)

It took me FOREVER to fall asleep last night. Not usual, but I think it might have been from the anticipation of weighing myself in the morining. I was very happy with what the scale said, but I am wishing I hadn’t gained so much in the loading phase. I also gave myself 200cc instead of 150. I was a little hungry yesterday and am experiementing with a higher dosage…Here’s to hoping I am in the 160’s tomorrow morning!

Day 3 – 169.0 (-2.8)

Holy smokes, this is exciting! Down 6.4 pounds in two days. I was so tempted to cheat last night. This is mostly because I waited to long to eat dinner and got ravenously hungry. Having done the protocol before, I know that if I cheat my progress gets thwarted. Not a good feeling. I just want to power through these next few weeks and get this P2 over with!

Day 4 – 168.2 (-0.8)

Gah. I am so disspointed in this. But I "cheated". I had a muscle milk, four wheat thins, and extra chicken with my meal. I was so hungry! Nothing I can do but try to do better today. So funny because with any other diet, I would have been elated with a .8 loss.. You get spoiled on this diet!

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    you may be experiencing hunger because your dose is too high. hunger is a common side effect of a too high dose. Seek out grammy in "ask grammy" and she will help you get to your sweet spot. good luck
  2. jessrand's Avatar
    Oh really??? I thought the higher it was the LESS hungry you get? Ok.. I will try lowering it down to 150 again and see how that works for me tomorrow. I really appreciate your feed back!