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Really starting to change

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Hi all,

I have been on and off this diet for years. I do beautifully in p2 and mess it up in P3 due to sugar addiction, lack of variety since I am mostly a vegetarian etc. This round I really want to do this right. My partner (who is 12 pounds from reaching her goal weight of 150 is with me again on this journey) She started this endeavor at 218 and has had much more success. My acpuncturist told me that since I have had more fat cells in my life (I have always had a weight issue) and although those cells can shrink, they never disappear and that I have to be that much more strict. If we ate carbs for one meal and did a protein day. I would gain 2-3 pounds, while she gained .6 or 1 pound. So I am TIRED of losing the same pounds over and over again. We are using this time to really research good and healthy recipes. We are building our own cookbook, which is mainly vegetarian and virtually grainless, which is tough. We have found little tools to make "rice" using zucchini for pastas and for the rogues in us, we eat sprouted wheat bread. Even on the diet and lose wonderfully. It is flourless. So if we can track down some sprouted chips and crackers, along with our cook book, I think we will be in good shape. This is day 24 and I have lost 21.8

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