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Truths/Mantras that I want to remember

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Everyday that is completed I am closer to my goal weight and closer to being the healthiest I have ever been.

Everyday is an accomplishment and I am changing my eating habits forever.

Everyday I tap into my strength and gain control over food.

Food monotony breaks addiction and emotional eating.

If I don't have a food crutch- I will deal with my emotions and stress in a healthy way.

As Mspanda says... Doing this diet is a gift to myself.
Great thing to remember!

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  1. mspanda's Avatar
    awww! thanks for the shout out!

    these are great mantas! you are great!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Those really are some good mantras. Simple enough to memorize and repeat. Good job. Thanks.
  3. 15BGONE's Avatar
    LOVE these mantras. Thank you for sharing them!
  4. jewlz's Avatar
    Oh good! I'm so glad you have found strength in them too. This diet is a constant mind game and it's nice to have a good focal point. I'm so happy to be on this forum with supportive people! Yay!