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  1. Frustrated... can anyone offer any input of their own personal experience?

    I am frustrated. This whole week has been a bust. It's been so long since I have been into the diet this far. I keep trying to recall and remind myself that around the 20-30 day it is very slow, so our bodies can catch up with the initial water gain, right?

    It's day 27 and I have lost 22 pounds. I know these are incredible results for any standard, but for this entire week. I have lost a pound and it's very frustrating to get up everyday, eat the same stuff, not drink, not go out ...
  2. Really starting to change

    Hi all,

    I have been on and off this diet for years. I do beautifully in p2 and mess it up in P3 due to sugar addiction, lack of variety since I am mostly a vegetarian etc. This round I really want to do this right. My partner (who is 12 pounds from reaching her goal weight of 150 is with me again on this journey) She started this endeavor at 218 and has had much more success. My acpuncturist told me that since I have had more fat cells in my life (I have always had a weight issue) ...
  3. Truths/Mantras that I want to remember

    Everyday that is completed I am closer to my goal weight and closer to being the healthiest I have ever been.

    Everyday is an accomplishment and I am changing my eating habits forever.

    Everyday I tap into my strength and gain control over food.

    Food monotony breaks addiction and emotional eating.

    If I don't have a food crutch- I will deal with my emotions and stress in a healthy way.

    As Mspanda says... Doing this diet is ...
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