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Down 3 lbs for the week!

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I'm only weighing in once a week during phase 2 because the daily ups and downs drive me crazy. After starting to stray last week, I was happy to see a 3 lbs loss for the week! I made cocoa crack 2 weeks ago and that was the start of my downfall. I think it's a gateway treat for me.

I made chicken cabbage soup with lots of cayenne pepper and it is soooo good! It's a very filling and satisfying lunch for me and I get my protein and veggie all in one! I'll have an orange for a late afternoon snack, and dinner might be grilled tilapia and roasted fennel.

My only concern is that I have aqua fit and belly dancing tonight . I might have to sneak in an extra portion of protein before I go because I won't be home to have dinner until after 9.

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