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  1. Day 15 Phase 2 Round 3. Wedding Goal

    Happy Monday Everyone!!!

    So these past 15 days has had its ups and downs. I am not weighing myself because it seems to consume me...
    So I have been using the dresses at Davids Bridal to help mark my weight loss...
    When I fist went in I could only fit into a size 14 there,
    I went in yesterday and was wearing size 10 and 12's yay!!!
    People are starting to notice and comment on my shape getting smaller which really helps to hear

    Now the ...
  2. At it again! This is round 3 :) WEDDING!!!

    Its January and I have until Dec to loose weight for my sisters wedding...
    I am the Maid of Honor so I really want to look good for all her wedding pics and everything.
    My goal is to lose 40 lbs in 12 months which I think is very doable

    Today is day 5 on phase 2 and I am feeling pretty good, I haven't weighed myself... Honestly I haven't weighed myself since the last time I did this diet... I am too scared to even know where my start weight is.

    All ...
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  3. Gluten Free??

    Is there any ideas on what to eat besides the melba toast thats gluten free???
  4. words of encouragement

    So this time last year I did really well I had lost about 20 lbs... then I went on a 2 week vacation... and within 2 months gained it all back :'(

    I really feel like a failure, I don't understand why I can't seem to get a grip!

    So I decided this was it, My birthday is on the 25th of august; so as my birthday gift to myself I NEED to feel comfortable in my skin... I need to break free.

    I feel like I'm doing this alone however, so if anyone has any words ...
  5. P2 D5- Bloging really helps :-) Thank you!

    So today is day 5...
    I went to bed for the first time HUNGRY!!!! I wanted to eat! But I went to bed early and tried to ignore it... I feel like I really accomplished something last night, normally I would have eaten the Kitchen!

    Every little step in the right direction is sending me down this wonderful road towards my goal,
    Not only to lose the weight but to be a better me, not controlled by food or emotions. I want to come out of this a stronger healthier woman, I ...
  6. P 2 D 3... Feeling better with family on my side

    So I sat down and talked to my family about my goals and how I need to feel good about myself...
    My family loves to eat drink and have fun, so when I say I'm on a diet they cringe and tell me im stupid. To be successful on this program I really need the support of my family, to not push food in my face, to just support me.
    And I think I got through :-) I know this will help me to my goal...

    Today is day 3, I feel everyday is another step forward... I havent weighed ...
  7. Big Fat Failure!!! Need words of encouragement

    So I did really well over the summer and I lost 20 lbs...
    But then Thanksgiving hit... Then Christmas hit... then Birthdays hit...
    THEN oopps... 20 lbs gained!!!
    I am really going to try and be careful transitioning into phase 3, remembering no starches until phase 4... I just love my starches...

    So I'm not it again... Today is day 2 on my 500 calories, I get these little spells of light headed hunger pains... I get dizzy for a second then I'm ...
  8. P2 D22 18 lbs down

    So its day 22 and I am not taking the drops for 2 days but still eating the 500 cal. I am 18 lbs down in 22 days, which is pretty good, but I really need to be 30 lbs down by July 28 (im going on a cruise!!) I really hope I can lose 12 more by then I was going to stay on the drops longer but the dr says it would be better to balance my food before I go on the cruise.... WISH ME LUCK! 12 lbs without hcg drops in 16 days.....
  9. P2 Day 15 a little upset....

    Ive lost 15lbs in 15 days but I was really looking forward to it being more, the first week it was about 2 lbs a day and this week its been about .5!!!! why is my weight loss slowing, this week I have even added in working out, the first week I did now work out!!!!! Has this happend to anyone else??
  10. P2D6 12lbs down!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

    This is unreal! Headaches are gone thank goodness! I started drinking a lot more water. im still getting light headed and dizzy when I do activity... I really hope that goes away...
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