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words of encouragement

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So this time last year I did really well I had lost about 20 lbs... then I went on a 2 week vacation... and within 2 months gained it all back :'(

I really feel like a failure, I don't understand why I can't seem to get a grip!

So I decided this was it, My birthday is on the 25th of august; so as my birthday gift to myself I NEED to feel comfortable in my skin... I need to break free.

I feel like I'm doing this alone however, so if anyone has any words of encouragement i'd really appreciate it!!!

Cheers to a new me!!

Phase 2, Day 1

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  1. MeganP's Avatar
    Congrats on restepping onto the wagon
    I know how you feel i worked my butt off in grade 12 to look good for a trip to cuba and prom..
    2 years later id gained every pound back and than some..probably due to sitting so much in college and eating conveinience.
    You can do this and you arent alone, go check out the blogs lots of people starting this week or within they have great lil support groups Just invision the number on that scale dropping day after day after day..youll be down 20 lbs in if i had to bet 22 days if you stict exactly to protocol ( i didnt i have 3 pounds to go im on day 27) your gonna breeze thru it and loose extra as its required 23 days ,30 fore better stabilization, you arent a failure you just need a stronger commitment to a "life style change" and this time it will happen be strong i finally fit in my pre college clothes again. Theres hundreds of reciepes and tons of support here . Welcome home
  2. jodsterjag's Avatar
    Thank you so much Megan I really needed to hear those kind words congrats by the way on your success!!
  3. MeganP's Avatar
    Thank you and youre welcome feel free to comment or add as a friend whenever you need support
  4. Tabatha's Avatar
    Dear jodsterjag:

    I once heard that when it comes to trying to break a bad habit (in this case food choices/overeating) a person should not look at an attempt that was not successful as a true failure, but as an experience in learning~learning how to do it successfully the next time. You are already on your "next time" and that says a lot. You haven't given up on yourself, which is awesome and YOU do deserve to be comfortable in your skin. Since you used that term it might be worth thinking about what got you to a place where you aren't comfortable, so this time when you lose the weight it will be forever. Good luck and keep writing!