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Breathe For Weight Loss...and other health benefits!

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An interesting fact is we all know how important oxygenation in the body really is, though most do not take proper action to ensure we are getting the necessary benefit from it. Does that sound weird to you? It always has to me and yet, the chronic disease epidemics are growing at incredible pace and the time we take for ourselves to just breathe is actually decreasing.

My question as always is why? What is triggering us to follow a path that is leading to self-destruction in one form or another? The loss of health in so many people makes me feel compassion and also lights a fire to offer a sliver of information that might help one person make a change.

A Unique Place In Time

We are in a unique place in time, as we are watching disease epidemics grow like wildfires, financial ruin take hold of families everywhere and a sense of helplessness sit over many like a dark gray cloud. I used the word unique because we are also in a time when there is more available resources than at any time in history. While the focus of my practice and my path in this life is mainly an alternative health and yogic path, the access to these healing principles that include more than just your physical well-being, and include everything from financial to relationships; is everywhere you look.

Through my path and practice, I have also been through the ringer. I have lost a lot, I have gained a lot, I have been unhealthy, I have also found true health. When the cloud lifted and I was able to look back and see the truth, all success came from taking just one single breath.

That probably seems slight or too simple for most because we are rooted in a society that everything has to be difficult or hard to accomplish. The fact is that no matter how bad something is, the ability to just sit and consciously breathe for even 5 minutes is a miraculous gift. It is something to hold gratitude for every single day.

While you may be struggling financially, maybe your health isn't where it should be or could be. You can begin to shift all of that by simply breathing. Since most of the current society is focused on money, here is a perspective to consider. Compounding, we usually equate that to the idea of money being invested over a period of time at smaller amounts that when interest is compounded over said time, the increases in value is quite substantial.

How about that same concept with breathing? Imagine if you moved away from what the masses do and instead of the tired statistics of 70%+ of people only use 40% of their breath capacity. What if you became part of the 30% that use more, that take time to breathe, to get the benefits of more oxygen in the body? Consider the compounding effects if you did this for a month, two months or two years. What benefits could you receive?

Benefits of Increased Oxygen:

Improved organ functions
Better regulated hormones
Improved digestion
Improved nutrient uptake, absorption and assimilation
More efficient and proper waste elimination
Improved mental clarity and capacity
Improved memory
More effective muscular function, including growth and endurance
Improved vitality
Increased sexual drive and stamina
Increased flexibility
Slower aging, less wrinkles and breakdown of tissues
Faster cell repair and reproduction
Improved sperm count
Healthier pregnancy and improved conception
Improved decision-making ability
Statistically higher rates of financial success
These are just a few to wet your appetite and hopefully help you see that breathing exercises aren't just a hippy or yogi practice, but rather an everyday support for the things you want most in your life.

What Causes A Lack Of Oxygen?

There are a lot of causes and for those here in the west, the most common will be stress, improper nutrition and lack of movement. Most do not move enough to improve their oxygen levels throughout their body and allow for the elimination of waste and even if they did, most do not eat proper diets to help with this function.

Foods that are processed, have chemical pesticides or grown in dead soils with little or no nutrients, OR if the foods are acidic when digested in the body, all of these toxins cause an imbalance of your body's pH levels. Higher levels of acid in the body decrease the level of oxygen and therefore hinder all of the above bullet-pointed areas, as well as many others.

Reversing this effect by eliminating the acid and toxin causing foods and daily acts (stress causes acidity), we can improve oxygen levels instead of deplete them. Breathing practices are a fast and effective way to jumpstart this reversal and help you "want" to make a better choice in the foods and movement you entertain in your everyday life.

Here are a couple quick quotes from clients who have eliminated oxygen-depleting acts from their lives and the results they have obtained:

"I used to live a life of high, high stress. Now that I look back, it was all self-created, but it actually caused me to nearly have a heart attack at 42 years old. I knew I needed to make a change. Joe helped me get rid of acidic foods and drinks, but the biggest benefit was my breathing practice. I had a hard time getting used to doing it, always worried if I was doing it right or at the right time. Now, I do it 5 minutes at a time nearly 10 times a day because the results have improved my heart condition and my reduced my stress levels." - Ben, Albany, New York

"There was one day in Joe's Yoga class that he said something that he says all the time, I guess, not sure that I listened too much before. He said that the animals on this earth that breathe the least, live the longest. That was a huge awakening for me as I sat there learning to breathe more deeply, use the breath more and then I just started to feel better. My Yoga practice is easier, my stress is less and I just overall feel better." - Sue, Lincoln, California

Now, I'm not telling you to take my word for it, but rather just do it for yourself and see how you feel. See how your body creates more space. See how the areas of your life begin to shift and the purpose for your life takes shape. The cool part is that breathing is FREE to do on your own. Below is a quick reference for a simple practice you can do to get started, there are many others that are more detailed, but this is a simple place to start:

Breathing Practice - Creating Depth

Sit comfortably either on the floor, in a chair or sofa.
Ensure that your spine is erect, your body is sitting tall and allow your shoulders to fall away from your ears.
Close your eyes, soften your tension in your face, neck, shoulders, on down your body.
Begin to just focus on inhaling and exhaling through your nose, using your natural rhythm of breath.
After taking at least 10 full inhales and exhales, double the length of your inhale. Fill your belly, diaphragm and chest fully.
Double the length of your exhale. Fully release all of the air from your body, use your core muscles to push the air from your abdomen.
Do this for 10 breath cycles, inhaling and exhaling through your nose.
For the next 10 breath cycles, triple the length of your inhales and exhales.
After 10 breaths, release back to a natural, non-effort breathing rhythm.
Lastly, notice the length, notice the calmness, notice how your focus shifted from the stresses of the day to your breath and now feel the space in your body.

Please share this post and practice with others and help improve the well-being of those in your life. I thank you for taking the time to read through this and I hope you enjoyed the contents. Live Well, Live Full and Enjoy Your Vibrant Life.

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