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Johanna Rodriguez

  1. VLCD Day 3

    Quick update...

    Down 2.8 lbs this morning!

    Everyday is one step closer!
  2. VLCD Day 3

    It's the morning of vlcd day 3 and my load weight is GONE (all 7.7 lbs)! I weighed in at 1lb lower than the pre-load weight! Woot woot, it's all new losses from here. I'm sooo excited to see those new numbers. It's kind of incredible that I'm only 18 lbs away from being UNDER 200 lbs! I haven't been at that weight in over 7 years. SO excited!!!
  3. R2/P2 VLCD Day 2

    So I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 3.1 lbs! Score, I'm under my LIW but not under my pre-load weight. That's ok, I know it will be gone.

    Mentally it's comforting to see my weight back below LIW and the pounds coming off because I know the HCG is working. My tummy is grumbling a bit this morning, still working on my coffee.

    I know many people dislike the VLCD stage, but I think it's great. It strengthens your will power and character. In all honesty ...
  4. R2/p2 VLCD Day 1

    So I weighed myself last night after dinner. I had the feeling I would weigh less in the morning and wanted an accurate weight to compare.

    I gained a total of 7.7 lbs loading, which put me at 226.5 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 224.8. I'm not focusing on the load weight, even though it's hard not to. Before I left home I hopped on the scale and was down 0.8 lbs.

    That made me smile...I can feel the HCG starting to work its magic :-D

    So far I only felt a ...
  5. On your marks, get set, LOAD!!! R2/P2 Loading D2

    It's day two of loading...I'm sick of eating! It's annoying and frustrating to eat so much.

    I gained 5 lbs since I started loading, so I'm at 223, we shall see where I weigh in tomorrow. Still kinda curious as to how the load days work, seems weird. I hope that weight comes off the scale quickly.

    So far I've had:

    2 slices of stuffed crust supreme pizza and I'm about to go get some more food, bleh.
  6. On your marks, get set, LOAD!!! R2/P2 Loading D1

    I started my loading days this morning. As I predicted I feel like a total pig eating all this food, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

    So far I've had:

    Eggs with american cheese
    Bacon (8 slices)
    French Toast (couldn't resist)
    Sausage and Cheese McMuffin without the muffin
    Hash Brown

    2 McDoubles without the bread
    12 Piece Chicken Nuggets
    Small Fry

    4 slices of Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza w/ Blue Cheese ...

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  7. HCG Update--Pre Round 2

    Last I wrote on my blog I was in P4. It's been two and a half months since I was "done" with P4. I still remain under my LIW of 223.1

    I just received my HCG in the mail today and plan on starting R2 this week.

    I hope to lose about 25-30 lbs. I hear R2 weight is slower so I'm thinking it will probably be about 25 lbs by the end December. I'm not really worried about the holidays. I live alone, my boyfriend will be traveling for work and I'm not visiting family. ...